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Changes to

The website is growing. Here’s a little status update!

22nd of June, 2022

Moinsen, my dear subscriber! 👋

First off, thank you for staying with me and my blog throughout the years. The stats reveal that most of you have been here for quite a long time reading my posts and that’s nice. 🥰

Second, I have moved the newsletter to a new platform called Substack. This has next to no visible changes, and don’t worry, your data is also still safe. Substack makes it easier for me to write and send out newsletters, that’s all.

Now, on to the main part!

The New Podcast

Some of you have already found out about it, there’s now a Teesche Podcast!

The idea behind it is to make it easier for you to “read” my writing. I know most of you have a lot to do in everyday life and reading a 10,000 word blog post is sometimes difficult to fit into the day even though you might like to. Listening to narrated versions of the writing requires a lot less of a time investment on your part. And for me, it’s not a major effort to record those posts, when compared to the time I spend writing them. So it’s a win-win. Tell me what you think!

You can find the Podcast on all the usual platforms (getting it on them is a story for another time…), including Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcast, or my favorite iOS App, Overcast. Of course, the open format RSS version is also available and works everywhere else.

If you feel like it, give the Podcast a rating on your platform of choice or share it with a friend who you think might enjoy it.

Quantified Teesche

Next up, I have recently experimented with quantifying my life. A blog post about it is coming up, too, but for now you can check out these new informational tiles on the front page of and see what I’ve been up to on each day. Fun! How long did I run? What’s the amount of sleep I get, how much productive work do I manage to squeeze into the days?

Most Popular Posts

Also new on the front page, the most popular posts of the blog. This is supposed to provide some easy access to the writing for which I received the most clicks and positive feedback from across the readership. Before, these quality posts were hard to discover down in the vast archives.

What’s Coming Up Next?

  • As the season or second quarter of the year comes to a close, you can expect another post soon, during which I will go over how my sports and health related habits went during the most recent three months and what I have planned for the next three, putting what I’ve learned into action.
  • I currently have three more blog posts cooking, with two of them bein nearly finished. Topics are Quantified Teesche, and What it’s like to get a vasectomy. Yep, someone has to provide insights on the real life implications, so why not me!
  • During the end of July, I will go on a week-long journey which will definitely spark inspiration for a few more posts considering my itinerary. Part of it will be that I plan on running the Manhattan Perimeter. If you’d like to join or know someone who might, check the information about it on
  • One of my plans for the next quarter (July 1st to September 30th) is to write short newsletters on a weekly basis. Those will contain a bit of my current reading and sporting updates, as well as **top secret** plan reveals about new races and other related things! 😉 I hope you’ll enjoy those.

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Thank you for your time. If you have any thoughts about what you’ve read here, just reply to this email. I will receive and read all replies.

All the best to you and keep on running,

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