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I’m Tim Teege a.k.a. Teesche and I write and podcast about long-distance running and books.

My current projects include a 880 day running streak, 20 marathons and 20 books in 2024, as well as trying to break 3:00 hours in a marathon (recently achieved!) and qualifying for the Western States 100.

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Teesche running down a mountain in Italy

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Hamburg Marathon: Celebrating a Sub-3 Race on Home Turf

In this detailed recounting of Hamburg Marathon 2024 I share my journey of breaking the three-hour barrier in my home city after several years of trying. I also provide commentary on my training routine, race strategies, and reflections on the experience.

How to Build a Tiny Software as a Service (SaaS) with Very Few Skills

My Optimized Sub-3 Hour Marathon Training Routine, Including the Proof it Works: 2:58:44 at Bienwald Marathon

24 Hours Without Food: My Eye-Opening Journey into Water-Only Fasting

How to Juggle with Three Balls

100 Miles in a Day: BremenSanktPauli 100, the Story of Creating a Race from City to City

What I Have Planned for 2024 (And a Recap of 2023)

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The Public Bookshelf

When I finish reading a book, I like to summarize its content and write down what I think about it. Here are my latest additions.

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My EU Marathons Project

I ran marathon races in all EU member capitals and wrote a book about it.

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I record all new blog posts and bookshelf additions myself and publish it on all major platforms.

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  • This was one of the best articles I've read so far in telling about a race. I couldn't put it down. Your details were so awesome. You made New York just come alive.

    Betty J.

  • Great review, enjoyed reading it and recognize lots off related subjects and hurtles. I’m amazed by all your running and races well done.

    Andre S.

  • Great article! I've read so many long blogs only to get bored in the middle as I suffer terribly from ADD and move on to other things. Yours has been one of few that held my attention all the way to the end.

    Chae B.

  • Your good humor and ease in telling stories make this blog a really cool space. Nice review.


  • Amazing effort Tim, well done! Thank you for taking the time to write down your thoughts, feelings and memories from the event. There’s always something to learn from your posts and this one was no exception!! Another cracking read.

    Tom K.

  • What a ride! Surely the race, but also reading about it. Thanks for taking the time to write up such a detailed report, almost feel like I was there.

    Till F.