Hello, my name is Tim Teege
and this is my blog.

I run a web design company in Hamburg, Germany. I enjoy endurance sports like triathlons and marathons, making music and building stuff, and I am father of four sweet girls.

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Selected Posts


The Art of Happiness

A Handbook for Living

by The Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler



The Making of a Manager

What to Do When Everyone Looks to You

by Julie Zhou



My Work Setup: Hardware and Software I use in 2021

31st of March

Inspired by Stefan Zweifel, Dave Rupert, and Ali Abdaal, all of whom productivity favorites of mine, this post is to showcase the hardware, workflows, apps, and tools which I use daily. In the spirit of “Show Your Work” (-place) and the possible resulting serendipity I recently convinced myself that this might be of interest to others. It certainly will look funny to revisit a post like this a few years from now with all the then antiquated apps and logos in it!

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Sustainable Web Design

by Tom Greenwood



The Mastermind

The Hunt for the World’s Most Prolific Criminal

by Evan Ratliff



Running The World

My World Record Adventure to Run a Marathon in Every Country on Earth

by Nick Butter



Unheimlich nah

by Johann Scheerer



Goals for 2021

11th of January

Finally a new year for new plans! Yes, I know that it’s still an arbitrary point in time, but who cares. I like making these plans. After 2020, which was certainly quite different but somehow worked out well for the goals I set, I’m keen on making 2021 an enjoyable year while working with the restrictions we’ve all been facing and will be for a while.

We all had to find that adaptability quality within us during the last year. There were so many changes to our everyday life in 2020 that now we’re longing for stability, I think. At least I am.

But I must admit that I personally haven’t been impacted in a challenging way.

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Who Not How

The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork

by Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy



Goals 2020: How Did I Do?

4th of January

2020 is over, time for a review! 

For five years in a row, I have now written down what I had been up to at the end of each year (Review 2016, Review 2017, Review 2018, Review 2019). In general it’s been very satisfying to do so and it made me go through the months with a bit more of a perceived purpose. 

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