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Building a Status Board with Calendar and Weather Info in JavaScript

9th of July

When you’ve got lots of kids there’s a lot to remember each day. Sophie and I have a shared calendar to keep track of most of it, but a special thing are the birthdays of our friends and family. Many people probably use Facebook to remember them, but I am trying to move away from that, and also generally favor custom solutions which keep the information at a place I decide on my own.

That’s when I remembered I can develop websites. 

It’s been a while since I did this professionally, since I run a web design company and have been employing people who are way better at this than I am for a long time. But from time to time I really enjoy writing a bit of ancient code that’s far from being pretty and concise, but works at least. 

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Olympic Distance Triathlon after Having 4 Kids

8th of July

The day has finally come!
The day has finally come!

My dear wife Sophie spent the last roughly eight years being either pregnant or caring for one of our four little baby daughters right afterwards.

I, on the other hand, could go off and do awesome triathlons and marathons as I pleased. Unfair biology, right? 

Now, since our little Ida has just turned 1 and is therefore done with the biggest care requirements, Sophie can finally venture off into the world of endurance sports with me. If she finds she enjoys it as well, of course. This is the next step on that test, after she successfully completed the Sprint Distance Triathlon in Hamburg two years ago, together with me. 

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Goals 2019: State after June

3rd of July

Half way there! What’s the status after the first six months? 

Review the original post, January, February, March, April, and May here.

I’m glad I rediscovered my lost Mojo after the terrible month of May. Found the spirit again and had lots of fun running again. Close one. 

Goal 1: Run one Marathon per Month.

✅ Result: 3 marathon races and one 100 kilometer solo run.

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Double Marathon Weekend: Aabenraa Bjergmarathon & Flensburg liebt dich Marathon

28th of June

Will I have it in me to do two marathons races on two consecutive days? No other way to find out except to try!

Of course, this sounds crazy at first. People usually can’t even walk pain-free for a few days after a marathon run. But then on the other hand, there are stories from possibly exceptional runners who are not only able to run two marathons on two days, but a lot more. One of my favorite stand-up comedians, Eddie Izzard, for example. A normal dude, not even particularly fit, managed on two separate occasions to run dozens of marathons on consecutive days. 27 on 27 days remembering the 27 years of Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment, for example.

Two marathons on two days seem to be a breeze now! It’s just a matter of perspective. 

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A 100 Kilometer Run Around Hamburg

10th of June

Running continuously for one hundred kilometers in one day. What will you learn?

The First Try

Initially, my plan was to conquer this distance during last year’s MegaMarsch Hamburg (7th of April, 2018), which is meant to be a hike of 100 kilometers. 100 kilometers, a nice and round number, but also one that makes you afraid. Me, at least. I’ve enjoyed hiking usually, but haven’t got the chance to in recent years much. So the MegaMarsch was doomed. I started optimistically, but after just 17 kilometers, my feet had developed such painful blisters, I called it quits. Funnily enough, I ran lots of marathons in those same shoes, blister-free.

But apparently, running ain’t hiking.

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Just Once: Elbtunnel Marathon 2019

3rd of June

It’s rare you get a chance to do something you wanted to do for years but never could and had already given up hope on. This is one of those times.

I don’t remember when I first heard about the existence of this race – The Elbtunnel Marathon in Hamburg’s first tunnel underneath Elbe which was built in 1911. It must have been around 10 years ago and I remember thinking a race like this is crazy. How could this possibly be fun? Since then, I first started to enjoy running and then went on to collect 52 marathon and ultramarathon finishes.

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Goals 2019: State after May

2nd of June

Five months into 2019. January, February, March, April are done, so I am thinking about my yearly goals again now that May has ended as well. 

For me, it was a crappy month, unfortunately. After ending our awesome trip to the other end of the world, we came back into our home country to bad weather for weeks. This has an impact on me that I am barely able to shake off. Also, the end of what was probably the best four months of my life to date put me into a sad state of mind. Motivation for several things went out the window. 

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SodaStream Schlepp-WM – Running up a Skyscraper

21st of May

Time to try something new!

A couple weeks ago I first heard about this inaugural event, the so-called “Schlepp-WM”, a “carrying world championship”. Sounds promising, what is it exactly?

There’s a company called SodaStream, which produces devices with which you’re able to drive CO2 into your home’s tab water. Simple. Also, genius. This kills the need to buy and carry bottled water if the flat tab water is too boring for you. We own one and love it. 

A marketing agency now came up with a promo event idea for this company. The idea is to have whoever is stupid enough carry 12 liters of plastic bottled water up a skyscraper. Fastest one wins.

That’s the selected skyscraper, Hamburg’s Radission BLU with its 27 floors and 118 meters of height
That’s the selected skyscraper, Hamburg’s Radission BLU with its 27 floors and 118 meters of height

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Hamburg Marathon 2019

2nd of May

Back in Hamburg!

Time to celebrate
Time to celebrate

Three and a half months of being on the other side of the world are over. My hometown has me back. What better way to celebrate than to run the official Hamburg Marathon?

Also, it helps in combating a 10 hour jetlag and the 45 hour journey home from Auckland, New Zealand. One night of rocky sleep in my own bed, and it was time for a trip to the city center to collect the starter’s bag.

To my surprise, my buddy Angel was there, helping out at the Strava booth
To my surprise, my buddy Angel was there, helping out at the Strava booth
Strava promoted “The Last Mile” this time, trying to get us all to guess the speed of our last mile and make this one the fastest one
Strava promoted “The Last Mile” this time, trying to get us all to guess the speed of our last mile and make this one the fastest one

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Goals 2019: State after April

2nd of May

January, February, March, and now April. Here’s how I’ve been doing regarding my yearly goals.

1. Goal: 1 Marathon per Month. Result: 1 Marathon.

✅ Just two nights after coming back from our 3.5 month trip to New Zealand, I ran the Hamburg Marathon – my home race. I’ve done it many times and it’s very special to me. This time, the 10 degrees and rainy weather made me feel right back at home, but also probably added 5 minutes to my finishing time. 3:36 hours is still my best result in a long time. The day after the race I signed up for Hamburg 2020 – it’s just a must for me! 

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