Moinsen, everyone! 👋

I’m Tim Teege a.k.a. Teesche and I write and podcast about long-distance running and books.

My current projects include a 710 day running streak, 24 marathons and 24 books in 2023, as well as trying to break 3:00 hours in a marathon and qualifying for the Western States 100.

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Teesche running down a mountain in Italy

Latest Posts

What’s It Like to Donate Blood?

An irrational fear of needles puncturing my skin has previously held me back from doing this small service to humankind. Now I have overcome it and am here to tell the story! Maybe it will motivate you to give blood, too?

New York City Marathon 2023: The Marathon of Marathons in the City of Cities

Erfurt & Kassel’s Double Marathon Weekend: A Runner's Perspective

The Best Beginner’s GPS Sports Watch: COROS PACE 3 Review

2nd Place at a Hilly Half Marathon: Blankeneser Heldenlauf DERBE Edition

Lavaredo Ultra Trail 120K Race Report: As Beautiful As It Is Difficult

The Case for Optimism: Taking Inspiration From John Linegar, MrBeast, and Nardwuar For the Future of Humankind

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The Public Bookshelf

When I finish reading a book, I like to summarize its content and write down what I think about it. Here are my latest additions.

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My EU Marathons Project

I ran marathon races in all EU member capitals and wrote a book about it.

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Listen to the Podcast

I record all new blog posts and bookshelf additions myself and publish it on all major platforms.

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What’s on My Bucket List

Things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, things I did already accomplish, and some honorable mentions.

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Quantified Teesche

I enjoy tracking and analyzing my personal data, and as I already organize everything in my database, why not share some of it here!

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