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Goals for 2020, Goals for the new Decade

15th of January

The beginning of a new year always gives me a good feeling of renewal, even though it’s a completely arbitrary point in time. Since I’ve created this habit of yearly reviews and plans in 2016, it’s been fun and interesting to me to set these challenges for myself and try to complete them. In general I was quite successful, but I’ve always learned a few things from the failures, too. That’s why I don’t think I’ll stop this habit now. 

For reference reasons, here are the last few year’s posts I’ve published about yearly goals.

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Goals 2019: State after December and Conclusion 2019

4th of January

That’s it, the year’s over! The final month during which I hold myself publicly accountable for the goals I set for 2019 is in the past. Time to take a deep breath.

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World Record Holder Christian Hottas’ Billwerder Bucht Marathon

24th of December, 2019

There’s a person on this planet who has completed more marathons in his lifetime than everyone else. His name is Christian Hottas and he is from Hamburg.

He’s the one with the clipboard, creator of the event today
He’s the one with the clipboard, creator of the event today

What’s your guess, how many marathons do you have to run to be number one in the world? 500, maybe a thousand? In the World Megamarathon Ranking of June 2019, Christian Hottas was listed as number one with an insane 2,785 completed marathons. Imagine that. How many marathons per year for how many years? And by the way, when does a marathon count as a marathon? 

I would find answers to these questions today from number 125 in the world, according to the list. 

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Goals 2019: State after November

2nd of December, 2019

Cold cold Sülldorfer Feldmark-Marathon

19th of November, 2019

Looking through the list of marathon races during Germany’s colder months you won’t find much. But a few races you can always count on are the ones organized by members of the notorious German 100 Marathon Club

After all, they somehow all made it to 100+ marathons by running marathons. If there aren’t any, you’ll have to make them yourself. 

Hans Joachim Meyer used to be the first chairman of Germany’s 100 Marathon Club
Hans Joachim Meyer used to be the first chairman of Germany’s 100 Marathon Club

This man has not only exceeded the 100 marathons in his lifetime, but even 1,000.

1,618 is his current and probably final marathon count as he has given up the running at age 78, which was a few years ago. Now, he still makes marathons happen for others. That’s someone to look up to. 

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Ultra Steinhart 666 😈

19th of November, 2019

To be honest, I just signed up for this race because I thought the name of it is just great.

Also, getting through the cold winter months of northern Germany comes a lot easier to me when I have a bunch of long distance races to look forward to. 

After having reached basically all the goals I’ve set for 2019, this counts as bonus. Frankfurt marathon two weeks ago went well enough to make me feel successful, so I was looking forward to having a race after that training phase. Now I can just run as I feel like, with no imposed restrictions because of the training plan.

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Frankfurt Marathon: Trying for a new Personal Best

9th of November, 2019

I have done 59 full marathon or ultramarathon races so far. Not for a single one of them have I ever properly trained. Until now. 

You might have read one of my recent posts about my first ever coordinated training effort, following the Peter Greif method, “Countdown: 8 Weeks to Your Personal Best”. The bug had bitten me, I finally wanted to be faster in a marathon. My previous personal best, which happened by accident, was a solid 3:26 hours at Hamburg Marathon 2017. The goal I chose and thought to be realistic for this try, is 3:15 hours.

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Goals 2019: State after October

1st of November, 2019

Hardcore Marathon Training with Peter Greif’s Countdown Plan

29th of October, 2019

This highly motivated dude is responsible for a myriad of personal records by hundreds of his trainees.
This highly motivated dude is responsible for a myriad of personal records by hundreds of his trainees.

I’ve been running marathons for about 10 years now but I have never before followed a plan or had a coach. Of course I talked to many experienced people and asked their advice or simply inquired about their own methods, but for myself I’ve always preferred just basic, unplanned running without any external measures. 

I made it quite far with this non-technique – to a 3:26 hour marathon and 1:34 hour half marathon. Just by training at the natural speed my body allowed me to go at, never over-exhausting myself. Recreational running, as it’s called. At some point, though, that turned out to not be enough for me anymore.

It has become time for an experiment. Training.

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Heidelberg Long Distance Trail

13th of October, 2019

This was a fun one!

I can’t remember how I found out about the race, but apparently the Heidelberg Trail Marathon is quite a well-known and loved race in Germany. That might be due to the popularity the city enjoys among international tourists, mainly Americans and Eastern Asians, but probably also due to the tough nature of the race. At 1,500 meters of elevation gain it’s no joke. 

For 2019, the team had come up with an additional event in order to make it even harder. 50 kilometers instead of 42.195, and 2,000 meters of elevation gain total. When I saw that, I signed up.

And decided to buy new trail running shoes.
And decided to buy new trail running shoes.

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