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Frankfurt Marathon: Trying for a new Personal Best

9th of November

I have done 59 full marathon or ultramarathon races so far. Not for a single one of them have I ever properly trained. Until now. 

You might have read one of my recent posts about my first ever coordinated training effort, following the Peter Greif method, “Countdown: 8 Weeks to Your Personal Best”. The bug had bitten me, I finally wanted to be faster in a marathon. My previous personal best, which happened by accident, was a solid 3:26 hours at Hamburg Marathon 2017. The goal I chose and thought to be realistic for this try, is 3:15 hours.

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Goals 2019: State after October

1st of November

Hardcore Marathon Training with Peter Greif’s Countdown Plan

29th of October

This highly motivated dude is responsible for a myriad of personal records by hundreds of his trainees.
This highly motivated dude is responsible for a myriad of personal records by hundreds of his trainees.

I’ve been running marathons for about 10 years now but I have never before followed a plan or had a coach. Of course I talked to many experienced people and asked their advice or simply inquired about their own methods, but for myself I’ve always preferred just basic, unplanned running without any external measures. 

I made it quite far with this non-technique – to a 3:26 hour marathon and 1:34 hour half marathon. Just by training at the natural speed my body allowed me to go at, never over-exhausting myself. Recreational running, as it’s called. At some point, though, that turned out to not be enough for me anymore.

It has become time for an experiment. Training.

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Heidelberg Long Distance Trail

13th of October

This was a fun one!

I can’t remember how I found out about the race, but apparently the Heidelberg Trail Marathon is quite a well-known and loved race in Germany. That might be due to the popularity the city enjoys among international tourists, mainly Americans and Eastern Asians, but probably also due to the tough nature of the race. At 1,500 meters of elevation gain it’s no joke. 

For 2019, the team had come up with an additional event in order to make it even harder. 50 kilometers instead of 42.195, and 2,000 meters of elevation gain total. When I saw that, I signed up.

And decided to buy new trail running shoes.
And decided to buy new trail running shoes.

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Goals 2019: State after September

13th of October

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The trend continues, September worked out very well regarding my monthly goals. 

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Marathon Win in Rauchwart

2nd of October

Training works!

Spoiler alert
Spoiler alert

I came to southeastern Austria to run a marathon in 2016, 2018, and now in 2019. The event creator Jürgen Penthor, his family, and some friends of his have become friends of mine as well. It’s lovely to have this unlikely connection to the tiny village of Rauchwart, not far from the Hungarian border. 

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Yours Truly in Runner’s World Magazine

25th of September

Double sided article about my EU marathons
Double sided article about my EU marathons

So yeah, this has been fun! I’ve made it into Runner’s World Germany magazine with my 28 EU marathons, which you might remember from this website: teesches-marathons.eu.  

How did this happen?

About two years ago I wanted to promote my little side company HoneyPower, an online shop for natural and honey-based power gel. So I wrote to the Runner’s World people and they kindly published a little test of the product, free of charge. 

In the process I mentioned my EU marathon project, which they found interesting and then, a few months ago, contacted me about it again. 

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Goals 2019: State after August

3rd of September

Status 2019 update #8!

Review the original post, January, February, March, April, May, June, and July here.

This August has been more successful regarding my yearly goals compared to the previous few ones. I feel good and think I can keep it up. 

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How to Create an Insane Ultra Race: Hamburg Everest 2019

27th of August

During the weekend of August 17th and 18th of 2019, Michael Mankus and me hosted a running race in Hamburg, in which the main objective was to have runners reach the elevation equivalent of Mount Everest: 8,848 meters

Wait, what?!

Even compared to many well-known crazy ultra races like the Western States 100 or the Leadville, this borders on insane. 

So, how do we go about this? 

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Special 35th Birthday: IRONMAN Hamburg 2019

16th of August

On July 28th of 2019 I turned 35. Mid-thirties. I feel like I have already been lucky to have had quite a few experiences here on Earth so far, but I still get excited by new ones or even by just repeating great ones. One of those that never failed to get me excited are Ironman distance triathlons.

Yay for long-ass triathlons!
Yay for long-ass triathlons!

Yes, they are a bunch of work, take nearly a whole day, and require not a tiny amount of training. But they are also rather enjoyable. You might not believe that, but once you’ve tried it you might. Probably not immediately afterwards, though.

I did not have any plans to do one of these iron distance triathlons in 2019, or anytime soon for that matter, until I saw that my hometown event would fall right on the day of my birthday. The idea to spend my birthday doing a long triathlon was intriguing to me. Which is why it didn’t take me long to sign up. 

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