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New York City: Manhattan Perimeter Ultramarathon

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17th of August, 2022

It took a long time for me to find the time to write and finish this blog post, but now it’s done and public. Including the podcast version of it, for sure.

I went to New York City in the beginning of August and decided that one of the best suited activities I could do while there would be to run the perimeter of Manhattan – because I like to run and it’s possible, as always!

The end result was that I saw many things I had expected but also a lot I hadn’t. Manhattan is a hugely diverse island, sometimes big changes happen within just a few blocks. I still am in awe of this city and plan on going back to it many times during the hopefully long time I have left on this planet.

For now, there’s a public record of what it is like to run along the 55 kilometer of outermost roads and paths of the world’s most known city’s core borough, Manhattan. I hope you enjoy it.

(Take me to the podcast episode instead!)

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