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Trust Me, I’m Lying! – New Book Notes

Ryan Holiday tells us how the news media works since the internet

23rd of January, 2023

This book has been on my list a long time and was rightfully recommended again and again. And it’s worth it. Everyone should have read it – in a perfect world right after it was first published in 2012. Maybe quite a few tragic developments wouldn’t have happened.

Here’s my 280 character summary. Decide for yourself if my full notes on the book are worth a read, the podcast recording is worth a listen, or the book itself is worth a buy.

Ryan Holiday explains from his own practical knowledge as an online marketer how entities with commercial or political interests abuse the fast news cycle in the age of Twitter, blogging, and other social media by inserting untrue information into the public, disguised as facts.

All the best to you and have a great day!
– Teesche

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