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Zugspitz Ultra Trail 2024: Best Blog Post Ever!

I just published a detailed recounting of my race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

27th of June, 2024

Moinsen, everyone! 👋

This is a special newsletter in the regard that its single purpose is to announce I’ve just published a huge new blog post I’m very proud of and which I think and hope you’ll enjoy reading. 

About two weeks ago I set out on my most challenging ultra trail race of the year 2024, the Zugspitz Ultra Trail with its 106 kilometers and 5,080 meters of elevation gain and loss. 

I did make it to the finish line, but, as always with these races, it’s been a battle with myself for many hours. That’s what makes it even more worth it, in my opinion. 

So, without further ado, here’s the new blog post – with a companion podcast episode, as always. The podcast episode incidentally turned out to be #100, so that’s a reason to celebrate I guess! 🎉 It’s also the longest ever episode I think, with 1:29 hours of playtime. I spared no details, because why would I. Ha! 

Get ready for more pretty scenery pictures!
Get ready for more pretty scenery pictures!

I thank you all for reading my stuff and hope you won’t be disappointed this time. 

All the best to you,
– Teesche

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