Goals 2019: State after February

Published on 28th of February, 2019

This is the second follow-up about how my yearly goals are going. See original post for more info on them and the January post.

1. One (ultra) marathon race done!

✅ On February 9th, I successfully finished the Tarawera Ultramarathon 50k near the New Zealand city of Rotorua. It went really well and I enjoyed it heaps. This gets me closer to my 12 marathons goal, but as February is now in the past as well, I’m still one marathon short of the needed average. Not for long, though.

2. 185.3 km of running

✅ 166.67 are needed, so I increased the surplus by a comfortable 18.63 kms, bringing up the 2019 total to 387.0 with a 53.66 surplus. Solid.

3. 13 runs in 28 days

✅/❌ I’m giving myself a half check here, because while it’s one run short of the goal of a run on every other day, I carried over the good January to get to 30 runs in 59 days of 2019. Sweet.

4. 15,702 steps per day on average

✅ Even better than January, probably mostly because that insane ultramarathon peak.

Those 50k got the average up
Those 50k got the average up
Monthly steps looking good
Monthly steps looking good

5. 1 more read book

✅ This time I finished a longer, more substantial one about improving negotiation strategies, Getting More by Stuart Diamond. Although a bit tedious at times, the 450 pages were worth it. I’m continuing to force to improve my attention span by reading another huge book right now, which is Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. 26 percent in, I find it fascinating so far.

The trend points upwards

Looks like I found the right goals for this year. I’m starting to think about adding a few new ones. Up high on the list would be the “early riser” experiment month, which would be getting up at 5-6 AM every day instead of the usual 7:15. As a night owl type, this would be going against my habits, but I’m curious to find out if that can change with a steady rhythm during a longer period. I’ll definitely post about it!

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