Deep Work

Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

by Cal Newport

305 pages, ★★★★☆
Finished on 7th of December, 2018, buy here.

One of the bestsellers of the year, falling into the genre of self-optimization. As you might be aware of, I’m quite interested in this topic. Most of these books have a few good ideas but unnecessarily stretch them out over hundreds of pages. Not this one. The density is tolerable and the arguments he makes are sensible. Take away: ditch all the social networks. Turn off everything for a few hours each day to focus on the core point of your work, and that point alone. Another good point is to not blindly follow “any-benefit goals”, meaning, goals that lead to improvement of some measure, but not of significance. Focus on the biggest benefit goals instead. Yes, makes sense. Sometimes you need a whole book to teach you simple things like these.