Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy
Who Not How

Who Not How

The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork

by Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy, 208 pages

Finished on 10th of January, 2021
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This is another business book. I’m trying to get better at business. As with many books of this type, there’s a main point being made and subsequently driven home by countless examples. Same here, the point being: “Ask for help if you don’t know how to do something”. Although everyone kind of knows this already, in a business context it’s not that easy to follow. The book is written for entrepreneurs in an early stage of their company building (I can see myself at that point), where cost effectiveness and frugality play a big role. I certainly had to be told this specific thing over and over again over the years and I know I’m not alone there. 

Another part of the theme of this book would be the emphasis of teamwork. Of course, that’s related to the help seeking thing, and it makes sense. Here are a few takeaway for me: “Transformational relationships are superior to transactional ones: make sure in a relationship that both parties give more than they take from the other so you can grow together”, “Attend to the private needs of each team member: listen to and support them”, “Take learning for everyone seriously, help the team make their own decisions”, “Have a vision, be an optimist, provide meaning. The team will draw from your confidence, be a role model”, “Collaboration is better than competition”,  “It’s not about time or effort, it’s about results”, “Write down what you want, review that often”. Not too bad, but certainly not groundbreaking. Made me ask some questions to myself, though. 

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