Julie Zhou
The Making of a Manager

The Making of a Manager

What to Do When Everyone Looks to You

by Julie Zhou, 288 pages

Finished on 11th of April, 2021
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This is the best management book I have read so far. The reason being its rationality and the cold and factual approach. It also plays a huge role that it’s written by a young woman, in my opinion. Most management books are written by old men, who give the advice they successfully used to alpha-male themselves through companies, often times not caring about the outcomes for the organizations but rather for themselves. 

Julie has been thrown into a management role at Facebook while the company was in its infancy, and subsequently learned everything on the job. Because she had a different environment, maybe also because it’s a more modern company, her advice is much more applicable these days than the advice given by Jim Collins, Daniel Coyle, Stuart Diamond, David Allen and so on.

It’s no nonsense. On almost every single page I had to write something down which I’ve learned. My plan is to make this into a script and create a video of me giving all the lessons of the book in a condensed way. Until I got to that, if you’re working in a management position or as a team lead, this is an extremely strong recommendation. Buy the book right now.

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