Martin Sonneborn
Herr Sonneborn geht nach Brüssel

Herr Sonneborn geht nach Brüssel

Abenteuer im Europaparlament

by Martin Sonneborn, 432 pages

Finished on 16th of July, 2019
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[German only] Martin Sonneborn has been a longtime person of interest to me. I first started to follow him after he founded the party Die PARTEI around 10 years ago and joined it almost instantly. I think I even voted for it once. Here’s this incredibly smart guy who’s studied Germanistik, political sciences, and a third thing, but has a hang to do dadaist political satire instead. Hilarious. When he got elected into the EU parliament I was really happy. This is his book about the first 5 year term inside that 751 member institute with about 32,000 employees total. He moved from behaving like the outsider he was in the beginning and laughing about everyone, to actually caring about a few core issues while still laughing about everyone. He is a national treasure and really important for Germany. Everyone slightly interested in EU politics should read this.

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