Meg Jay
The Defining Decade

The Defining Decade

Why your Twenties matter– and how to make the most of them now

by Meg Jay, 273 pages

Finished on 16th of September, 2021
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A well written book about an interesting part of life which isn’t talked about enough: The 20s. Especially in these modern times, people seem to have problems navigating the sheer amount of options available in choosing a way of living. The more options, the less decisions. It leads to confusion and inaction. I myself “wasted” about two to three years of my own twenties due to this phenomenon, and nobody could really explain to me why that happened until I read this book. Lucky enough I snapped out of it on my own. But now that I’ve read parenting books and my own kids are moving closer to being twentysomethings themselves (it’s just 10 more years, crazy to think), I would like to be able to provide them help in navigating those years. This book is a good start.

The author, Meg Jay, is a psychotherapist who is mainly working with twentysomethings. She draws from a good amount of experience with clients and got them to find solutions most of the time, it seemed. A PhD and a very successful TED Talk won’t hurt either. The language is rather easy, probably focussed on twentysomethings as readers (makes sense) and from time to time I would have liked to dive deeper into some topics. The recommendation for this book came from one of the FIRE movement blogs I sometimes read. Interested? Here’s a good one to start with: Mr. Money Mustache. These are focussed on gaining financial independence early in life, so there’s the connection. 

As a new thing I’m trying, I made a review page about this book in Notion which is shareable, drawing from the inspiration of Mr. Ali Abdaal again. 


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