Running Human

Humans Are Perfect Barefoot Runners

by Sidy Diallo, 195 pages

Finished on 31st of October, 2019, buy here.


I have first seen him at Tallinn marathon in 2015, written in my blog about him, and subsequently received an email from the man himself. We conversed and met many more times. Turns out, he’s not only very smart, friendly, and a funny guy, but he also has the most amazing life story. Born in Guinea into an average family, he went on to learn a number of languages, became a medical doctor after studying at the university in Havana, Cuba, went on to complete studies in political science and international law, became a French citizen and diplomat to the country to live in many interesting places on almost all the continents: Nicaragua, Australia, the USA, France, Suriname. Three sons. Then, at 55, he got into marathon running – the first, most important, and best sport that Homo sapiens can do. That’s what his book is about.