Getting More

How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life

by Stuart Diamond

399 pages, ★★★★☆
Finished on 24th of February, 2019, buy here.

A world-renowned consultant who’s not only helped the CEOs of billion dollar companies, but also consulted whole governments on how to solve crises with opposing countries on the verge of war. He writes about negotiation tactics in this book. 80 percent of it are examples of his students being successful using his teachings, the other 20 percent are actually useful. Main take-aways include: put empathy on top of the list (what does the other side want, feel, need, think?), never use threats or ultimatums (they just never work), leave all emotions out of it (if you can’t, say you’re getting emotional and would like to reschedule), be incremental with your proposed changes, frame problems in a positive way so the other side will look at them differently. Interesting to read, not worth the 400 pages though. It inspires to try more of this in actual life situations.