Tom Greenwood
Sustainable Web Design

Sustainable Web Design

by Tom Greenwood, 125 pages

Finished on 3rd of March, 2021
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An important book for our time and my professional branch of web design and development. Obviously, climate change is created by and also affects every aspect of our daily lives, but some aren’t well explored so far. That’s a problem, because knowledge is the basis for everything and it has to be spread if we want to make progress. 

I have been working on websites with my own company for almost 10 years now, and not once has a client cared about the environmental impact their new website would have. It seems like it’s invisible. And up until reading this book I also didn’t know enough about it to bring up the topic.

But the CO2 emissions of the global internet are about as high as the CO2 emissions of the whole country of Germany. This book explores the situation and gives actionable advice for all aspects of the job. Starting from easy things like selecting renewable energy sourced data centers for hosting, via tips and tricks for making websites more efficient concerning their data usage, up to the tough challenge of selling sustainable web design to clients who don’t care. I think it’s a must-read for everyone who works in the field.

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