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A Life Lesson, Some Magic, a 100-Miler, the Japan Connection, and a Free Giveaway

This February 2024 newsletter is one with a diverse range of topics!

18th of February, 2024

Moinsen, everyone! 👋

Welcome to the February edition of Teesche Newsletter. I hope you’re doing great and are ready for Springtime just as much as I am.

This month, I’ve got two new bookshelf addition for you to explore, as well as two new blog posts published. And starting it off is a short tale of my past weekend, which I used to run the Virtual Tokyo Marathon. This is part of my bucket list item to run all six World Marathon Majors. Right now, I’m at four, with the fifth (Chicago) set in stone for October 2024. The only one missing is Tokyo Marathon, a notoriously tough one to get into. One of the chances is to run the Virtual Tokyo Marathon, which started yesterday, February 17th, and ends on March 17, a month later. You can run at any point during the 30 day window, it just has to be a continuously timed 42.2 kilometer run. At the time of writing, my 3:41 hour result is enough for placing 50th out of 232 runners so far. I believe they are giving away 200 random tickets for the Tokyo Marathon 2025, so my chances will probably be very low in the end. Let me know if you know any other ways for me to get in!

Philippe (in red) and I did the whole 42.2 km, him even finishing in personal record time on the distance
Philippe (in red) and I did the whole 42.2 km, him even finishing in personal record time on the distance

📚 The New Books

I’ve received some tongue-in-cheek envy for being able to read the Harry Potter books for the first time in my life from some lovers of the books. It’s still highly enjoyable to me. I finished the fifth book, which is the longest of them. Here are my thoughts about The Order of the Phoenix.

Afterwards, even though I was still very much into the story, I felt like I needed a break from the series so I don’t rush through it too much. So I went for the new Seth Godin book, The Practice. Here are my thoughts on that one. It sparked some thoughts and was partly responsible for my tackling yet another longtime bucket list item. Learning how to juggle. 

Throwing is more important than catching
Throwing is more important than catching

There’s a new blog post (and podcast episode, as always) out which details the practice of juggling. Check it out here:

It includes a free giveaway of five juggling balls sets for everyone of you who wants one and lets me know first. You newsletter subscribers of course have an edge over the people who come via social media or a search engine, so let me know via replying to this email if you’d like a set of juggling balls! I’ll cover the shipping even.

And to round this one off, I’ve even got a bonus blog post for you. It’s a long time overdue, since it’s about a race I put together with some friends back in May 2023. We are repeating the race this May and the registration window is still open! If you feel like doing a flat and lovingly organized 100-miler from the city of Bremen to the center of Hamburg St. Pauli, find out more about the race in the new blog post and sign up on the website we’ve published

If not, no worries 😉 – I’m still very thankful for you being part of the gang here. 

Take care everyone, have a great day and maybe go for a run or pick up a book! It’s both always a good idea.

All the best to you, 
– Teesche

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