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The Guide Book for Being Creative, Written by Rick Rubin

No question, Rick has been a tremendously successful music producer (9 Grammys!), but is his new book any good?

2nd of February, 2023

I have just finished reading Rick Rubin’s new book called “The Creative Act: A Way of Being” and I’m torn. I love the guy’s tranquility, his Santa Claus looks, and of course his incredible body of work: from The Beastie Boys to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Adele, Jay-Z, System of a Down, or The Strokes – what he touches becomes Gold. 

That’s why I bought his new book immediately and without thinking. It’s not an autobiography, it’s a guide book on how to be creative. I knew that much. But is it interesting and does it offer good advice? Or did the guy fall into the trap of thinking he has all the answers because he was so outstandingly successful? 

Find out in my book notes or by listening to the Teesche Podcast episode I recorded of it!

The pretty and minimalistic cover of the book
The pretty and minimalistic cover of the book

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