Teesche Podcast

Episode 0: Teesche Podcast Trailer

11th of April, 2022 · 2 Minutes

I’ve started a podcast for everyone who wants to read my blog posts but can’t find the time for it. It’s about cultivating a healthy mind in a healthy body. Enjoy!

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Notes & Information

Moinsen, everyone! 👋

That’s right, I’ve started a podcast. Creatively named "The Teesche Podcast". Gotta keep it on brand, right?

Since experimenting a little bit with recording my voice, I learned to enjoy the process and have now found a way to utilize that new skill: narrating my posts. It’s no secret that many of my posts are long-form, well into the multiple thousands of words, and therefore require quite a lot of time to consume. By providing the option to listen to them, I’m sure I will reach more people who have less time or just care about their efficiency a lot. Feel free to tell me if this type of medium suits you well and also let me know what I can improve! 

For the time being, enjoy the episodes. All the best and take care.