Time the Time!

25th of September, 2018

Is the time for single purpose website over? Maybe a few more years, what do you think? Make your guess and set your own timer with my new single purpose website!

www.timethetime.com – Set Up a Free Countdown Timer and Share It!

Granted, this marketing copy leaves room for improvement. But the tool does what it says it does.

Earlier this year I thought it would be nice to build a very simple countdown timer tool, because I needed one and all the others I found were looking horribly. Also, in contrast to every programmer on earth, I really like playing with the problems that the world’s inconsistent timezones bring with them. There’s something fascinating in it for me. I used some helpful libraries, JavaScript and a bit of good old PHP/MySQL and threw this together in about a week. 

How to Make Use of a Countdown Timer?

Put in a few events you’re looking forward to and set the site as your default new tab page. Release some endorphins every time you create a new tab!

Or add it as a favorite on your shiny new phone
Or add it as a favorite on your shiny new phone

Interested? Check out the website, www.timethetime.com.

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