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Published on 12th of February, 2020

This site is growing.


As I’ve mentioned in my recent Goals 2020 post, I will continue reading books this year. Roughly one per month. Afterwards, I would like to share my short opinion on them – not just for people to get an idea about the content, but also for myself to remember the book by. My ability to remember things isn’t the best, that’s why I write a lot down. 

So, has gotten a new section named “Bookshelf”. You can find it in the navigation menu. Also, newly added (finished) books appear on the front page of this website, mixed with the standard blog posts, in chronological order. 

If you subscribe to this website via RSS feed, you will see new bookshelf additions in your feed as well. But if you are an email list subscriber, I have decided to not send out mails for every book I finish as I’m not so sure if that’s what you all would want. But if you do, let me know!

Reading new books is something I value and I think everyone can benefit from. Also, I’d much rather hear more recommendations from personal friends or people I follow than from online store algorithms or bestseller lists. So I decided to be the change I would like to see more of. Let me know if you publish your read books somewhere, I’m interested!

Thanks and enjoy the 📚.

Photo credit 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

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