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Episode 1: Review of 2021

20th of April, 2022 · 30 Minutes

What an unusual year. For me it contained lots of highs and lows, and in this episode I'm going through all of them with a special emphasis of all the marathons I ran.

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Notes & Information

Link to the original blog post from January 3rd, 2022: https://www.teesche.com/blog/review_of_2021


  • Short COVID recap
  • Review of the 2021 theme, The Year of Stability
  • Running 12 marathons, description of the ones I did during the second half of the year
    • 69x 420m Interval Marathon
    • 1st Great Munich Breweries Ultra
    • Mozart 100
    • Lübeck Marathon
    • Heidschnucken-Ultra
    • Around the Block Marathon
  • Reading 18 books, talking about how this was easier than I thought and helped me a lot
  • A list of all 18 books with title and author, as well as date of finishing the book
  • Short summary of the low points and highlights of the year 2021 for me
  • How did I do regarding my other running related goals?
  • Some running stats, total distance and time and the like
  • 200 Plant-Based days, how did that go?
  • Quick overview of my monthly set challenges and other endurance sports related topics
  • Recap and status for my three big goals for the decade
  • Teaser of the new 42_16 project with Runner’s World and On Running
  • Conclusion

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