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Episode 2: My Intentions For 2022

20th of April, 2022 · 18 Minutes

What to do with the time given to us? For the last few years, I have been making and then even following concrete plans. These are my plans for 2022, especially the first quarter of it.

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Notes & Information

The blog post of this episode originally appeared on January 12th, 2022. 

It can be found here: My Intentions for 2022 | teesche.com

Topics include:

  • Why set goals?
  • Why intentions can be more helpful than fixed goals
  • On setting a theme for a time period
  • The Season of Exploration
  • Endurance sports as a way to increase happiness
  • Intentions for 2022: 
    • Run 12 marathons and read 12 books
    • Finish the Endurance Trail des Templiers (106 km trail ultra marathon)
    • Run a marathon in less than three hours
  • Soft intents:
    • Less digital distractions
    • More working with my hands / building stuff
    • More solitude to recharge
    • More sleep to increase health and energy levels
  • New challenges and rituals for the first Season until end of March:
    • Drinking zero alcohol
    • Strength exercises every day
    • At least half an hour of endurance training per day
    • Not buying anything non-essential
  • January:
    • Streak running
    • Finish my EU marathon running book
  • February:
  • March:
    • Wim Hof breathing exercises every day
    • Less than 60 minutes of mobile screen time per day

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