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Episode 19: For the Record: Training for and Trying a Sub-3 Hour Marathon

17th of May, 2022 · 66 Minutes

Some people think that running is just the same every time. That’s not true, there’s lot of variation possibilities to it, for example, you can do speed training and go for a Sub-3 hour marathon. What that’s like, I’ll tell you in this episode.

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Notes & Information

The original blog post

A slightly changed Elvis Presley quote

The man, the legend: Peter Greif (#forrunninglife)

Greif’s most popular marathon training plan

My blog post about the first time I tried training according to Greif

My goals for the decade of the 2020s

#10keveryday in June of 2020

The Strava tracking of my unofficial race track marathon PB, 3:09:36

The Strava tracking of my first time breaking 1:30h on the half marathon

Long and slow: Mozart 100 race report

As far as I’m concerned, Greif’s main opponent, JP Hendriksen

Trying to interpret Samuel Beckett

Hamburg Marathon race website

My buddy Michael Mankus

My buddy Martin Grüning

The Hamburg route of 42_16 (Thanks for sponsoring it, On!)

Not an ad, I can recommend these shoes (On Cloudmonster)

Nerdy run stats tool, runalyze.com

Indoor cycling is more fun with Zwift

My buddy Henning Lenertz

My first ever Sub-40 on the 10k Strava tracking

The new unofficial half marathon PB, 1:26:27h on Strava

42_16: Bavaria, a route worth traveling far for

Tracking of the run I did on 42_16: Bavaria

Apparently kills lots of the COVID virus in your throat, Listerine Cool Mint

Wim Hof breathing feels great

The hardest intervals I’ve ever done

Another fast 90 minute tempo run

Freiburg Marathon, check it out!

Freiburg Marathon race tracking

Report on organizing the 1st Grüner Ring 200 race 

Things should spark joy, says Marie Kondō

Gotten into Stoicism lately, here’s a book review I wrote recently

Still the best green smoothie, my recipe

The 1st Munich Great Breweries Ultramarathon race report

Running Green running gear store in Hamburg

The end result according to my GPS watch

The end result according to Hamburg Marathon officials

My new friend, Sonja

The six World Marathon Majors

The Boston Athletic Association

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