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The EU Project Is Home!

It took seven years to complete and four more to move it to the rightful place

20th of January, 2023

Moinsen, everyone! 👋

As you might be aware, I spent a considerable amount of time chasing after the goal of finishing the official marathon race in the capital city of each EU member country.

Until finishing the project in Brussels in 2018, I wrote race reports about all 28. This was fun to do and got me lots of positive reactions.

The project’s website used to be Used to be. Because it has now become a static website over the last few years since its completion, it didn’t make much sense anymore to have it as a separate website from my blog right here – my “home”, so to speak. The EU project has become more of a biographical event than just a project for me.

So, over the last few months I’ve spent an hour here and there on moving the whole thing over and integrating it nicely. I was more work than I thought, as always with web projects (even though I wrote the code for both websites myself…), but now it’s done and the old domain is retired and redirecting to the new place.

Check it out and read a few of the reports, if you like! Maybe there’s some inspiration to sign up for a specific race for you?

As a start I’d recommend my reports on DublinVilnius, and Bucharest. But the stats and the new OpenStreetMaps powered map are quite cool, too, I think 😉. Here’s your link to have a look:

As always, all the best to you and have a great day!
– Teesche

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